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Tax Preparation & Planning Services

Our expert CPAs will help you simplify your business taxes and maximize your profits while making sure you are fully compliant. Hirsch & Tucker offers a variety of tax services for both individuals and businesses. We will help you prepare and file your taxes, as well as develop tax strategies to help you take advantage of new laws and legislation. Contact us today to see how our expert team can help you with our Savannah Tax Services.

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Tax Planning & Preparation

Preparing your taxes can be confusing. Our expert assistance makes it easy. We will help you ensure your tax obligations are met while proactively recommending tax strategies to maximize your income.

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Sales Tax Services

Let us help you reduce the burden on your finance team. We will assist in the compilation of information and accurately prepare your sales tax return.

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Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

We know it’s important for you to ensure financial security for your loved ones.  For business owners, it is especially important to prepare and provide a succession of ownership to ensure business continuity. We also know that estate planning and trust tax return preparation can be confusing. Our trusted advisors will help you cut through the confusion by developing an estate and trust plan that will protect your wealth while minimizing your tax burden.

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Payroll Services

A growing business means a growing payroll, and we know payroll can be complicated. We work together with ADP to assist you in setting up an efficient payroll system and prepare all necessary payroll tax returns.

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IRS Representation

When it comes to the IRS you want an experienced tax professional on your side. Through the years we have gained both experience and the knowledge to ensure you are being represented by a competent advisor that has your interests in mind.

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